Mfuwe, Chipata, Zambia
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About Us

Who Are WE?

Matt Children’s Hope Foundation (MCHF) is a nonprofit making non-governmental organization that aims at strengthening and enhancing positive growth of underprivileged rural children and young people through our long-term data informed, and holistic child development strategies. MCHF focuses on implementing programs and projects that creates new educational, and vocational training opportunities, mentorship and guidance services. We deliver our interventions to scale down the rural poverty of Zambia by empowering children and young people with a positive change of mindset to achieve sustainable development.


To develop a ‘World of Positive Minds and Free from Poverty.’


Changing mindsets; Building a better world.

What We Do

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The program aims at promoting access to quality education, and ensuring that children attend school by benefiting from school supplies and sponsorship.

These activities are inclusive of:

Child Sponsorship Support, Early Supplementary Education Support, Financial Literacy Education, Library Resource Support, Information Communication and Technology promotion.


The program ensures that our beneficiaries are healthy. MCHF believe that, a health person is a health world.

These include but are not limited to:

Dental Health, Oral Hygiene, Menstrual Hygiene (Women and Girls), Sponsored Medical Services

-Youth Empowerment-

The program aims at building creative and innovative community leaders able to assertively study and provide solutions to problems.

wish to engage registered youth to:

Leadership Training, Youth Creative and Innovation Development, Peer Education, Entrepreneurial Businesses approach and Training.

Team Members

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Tembo Matthews

CEO & Founder

Dabulu Rosa

Fundraising Expert

Chinyimba Noah

Project Advisor

Chiteta sarah